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Downhang Cave Quest

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Downhang Cave Quest!

Lv61: Solid Bug Ghost´s Shell
Mission: Collect 15 Shell´s of Solid Ghost Bugs
NPC: Donwhang Baekako
Monster: Solid Ghost Bug, Earth Ghost Bug
Reward: 5420100 Exp

Lv63: Hiring Hunter Guild
Mission: Kill 500 Power Earth Ghost´s
NPC: Hunter Associate Haraho
Monster: Strong Earth Ghost, Power Earth Ghost
Reward: 5420100 Exp, 250000 Gold

Lv64: Baeksong´s Letter
Mission: Deliver Baeksong´s Love Letter
NPC: Donwhang Soldier Baeksong Donwhang, Ishak Islamic Trader Jangan, Salihap Stable Keeper Hotan
Monster: None
Reward: 4830200 Exp, 9000 SP Exp, 140000 Gold

Lv65: Sweeping Earth Ghost Warrior
Mission: Kill 500 Earth Ghost Warrior
NPC: Donwhang Soldier Hahun
Monster: Earth Ghost WArrior, Earth Ghost Soldier
Reward: 7025100 Exp, 275000 Gold

Lv67: King of Digging
Mission: Collect 100 Mole Claw´s
NPC: Donwhang Honmusa
Monster: Blind Mole, Mole
Reward: 7575100 Exp

Lv69: Ghost of Dazzlement
Mission: Collect 1 Nachal´s Ornament and deliver it back in 15 minutes
NPC: Priest Bupgong
Monster: Devil Ghost Nachal, Devil Mask Nachal
Reward: 15825300 Exp, 50 Special Return Scrolls

Lv70: Paedo´s Request
Mission: Collect 130 Diamond pieces and 130 Gold pieces
NPC: Donwhang Storage Kepper Paedo
Monster: Gold-siLver Yacha, Diamond Yacha
Reward: 8275100 Exp, 375000 Gold